Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Urban Park of the Green Point Common is still a mess

The West side of the Green Point Common is where the new Urban Park is going to be, but right now its just one mud bath Imagine trying to navigate there after dark like I did last night !
This part of the Common looks the most unfinished the East side where the Golf course is looks already fabulous and green Its such an improvement from the brown look of the old Green Point Common !

I know that butyl liners have a limited lifeline so I was surprised to see they aren't using cement but I must admit this one is very THICK as you can see here
The water is still from the heavy rains we had it a week ago, it must be so difficult to work under those circumstances
Click photos to enlarge

Compare this water feature with the 10 story building behind it and you get an idea of the size !


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