Friday, July 24, 2009

JULY 2009 Photos of the upgrading and re-configuration progress on the new Green Point Common

The photo shows all of the Green Point Common, the island on the left/NW is Robben island, the distant shore is Blouberg with Milnerton on the right(NE)a suburb of Cape Town

Scheduled for completion early March 2010 Considering they started the work on Jan 12 2009 the new golfcourse is taking shape at breakneck speed I wish I had an old photo to compare of how it was before It used to be all brown in summer in future they will use underground spring water for irrigation as opposed to using expensive potable water in the past

This is the site where the old Green Point Soccer Stadium used to be The part which hasn't been dismantled will be refurbished post 2010. During the World Cup it will serve as the FIFA commercial hospitality area the Media will use a bridge from the old stadium into the new stadium media centre and press facilities.
This midlle part of the Common is IMO the most impressive and dramatic change with the huge new water features clearly taking shape

The Western side of the GP Common where the Public Park is allocated, still looks like the moles have been at it, but they are working very hard to sort that part out too

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