Thursday, July 23, 2009

Green Point Soccer Stadium July 2009 As seen from the new Golf course

Several people mentioned the starry lights in my night shots .... I like to explain that I am not using a filter or a computer generated program or a sock :) its just thesetting I dont know how to capture a nightshot any different then I do now, its the only way I know how to keep the details and its my camera more or less who dictates whats right and whats not

The last shots from the Golf Course.. Btw These trees were newly planted I have seen the lorries and tractors ferrying them around

When you click the photo you will see there is a whole nursery of trees waiting to be planted
I have spend half the afternoon on top of Signal Hill today shooting you will see tomorrow
It was cold and now and then even some drizzle yet I felt so happy walking there
My God what a gorgeous city this is ! You know..its funny how many people smile at you when you are happy :)


  1. Thanks for all the excellent photos Joanne and for keeping us updated on the Stadium--really appreciate that. We are off to Moose Jaw today, a prairie city in Saskatchewan with a spa. Keep well.

  2. Apart from the spa I bet you will have a peek at the "Snowbirds"). as well :) Enjoy your break !