Saturday, May 15, 2010

Port strike stalls plan 'B' for World Cup

This morning while I was having breakfast, the roof was teeming with men, then suddenly there was a deluge of water coming down, I had forgotten how it can rain in Cape Town .....the sky was dark and grey and the fog and solid wall of water  made it difficult to see but soon I realised that all the men had gone :)
They must have fled like rats down the holes ! LOL

                               The recent stormy weather created crashing waves here they hit the
                                          Sea Point sea wall splashing joggers and dog walkers

You can just see the top edge of the stadium on the left of the row of trees

This evening the drill ship "Discoverer" Luanda arrived in Cape Town it was towed toward the stadium and then towed back to this spot again Possibly waiting for the Transnet strike to be resolved

Strikes are causing mayhem in the country at the moment

This is what it says on the Port and Ships website :

Port strike stalls plan 'B' for World Cup

Electricity generators and special cables imported to be installed as power back-up supplies at South Africa's World Cup stadiums are afloat in containers on the Indian Ocean, unable to be offloaded from ships because of the Transnet strike.

This has placed final preparations for the event in jeopardy, as it is unknown when the strike will end, and Fifa requires back-up power to be installed at all World Cup stadiums.
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It is also concerning that any economic repercussions likely to be the consequences of a protracted strike may, in fact, be multiplied by the fact that, during the World Cup, there will be a significant increase in the demand on South Africa's transport sector. In particular, we understand that a strike from these unions during the World Cup might affect the supply of jet fuel to airports, thus placing a transportation mode key to World Cup visitors in serious risk.
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Cape Town Stadium "Ring of fire" test the day before the handover to Fifa

All the lights were on but only for an hour or so
I heard  that the roof might be leaking a little
There were loads of people on the roof today
on their knees ....

I uploaded a Filia school performance in the CT stadium video on Youtube

A very weird looking stadium

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Photos of Filia School’s Laduma concert: The last event before the stadium will be handed over (Tomorrow) to FIFA for the World Cup

On the left Guy Davies  the instigator of this event
Guy... Congratulations it was a pleasure to be there Really enjoyed every minute of it

Click the image to see it large then click it again to see it super large
I will upload some videos of this event tomorrow it really brings it alive

The performers are the learners at Filia School about  200 children, some of whom have quite severe disabilitiesThey were performing their concert - called "Laduma".

'Laduma!' is the South African equivalent to 'Goal!' and literally means 'it thunders' in Zulu.
Read more about this event here

The seats were wet We have had so much rain these last few days
I advice you to bring a small towel if it rains or you will have a wet cold bum :)

See a video of a performance here


                                                                  Enjoyed his singing :)



It sounded great guys ! :)

Such a cuty :)
Click any image to see large

It has been pouring for days until this morning ...We had a dry day today
but no sun until late afternoon

The VIP Area

If it had been a blue sky you would have seen Table Mountain from here

I was not supposed to be here ofcourse :) Fifa has closed off all the area's which they already control
 but then if I don't go to all these forbidden places how the heck can I show you what is going on ? 
Part of the stadium has been handed over already, the rest will be handed over in a couple of days

When I came home I saw allot of men on top of the roof
Not sure what they are doing though

BTW it was not my day Lots went wrong I will not bore you with all of it but
one of my lenses was playing up and even blogger is being obstinate tonight !

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cape Town Stadium fell in the drink ....

Cheers !

Here is a selection of services the South African government will offer during the 2010 Fifa World Cup.
and here you can still find available WC Match tickets

I do hope you noticed that the Stadium is upside down in this photo.....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Photos of inside the finished large IRT Station on Main Road, Green point. Opposite the Cape Town Stadium

I was surprised to find it ready and locked up 2 security guards are on duty day and night 
They told me nobody is allowed in
 I smiled and the door magically opened :)

                                Since I saw it last time See the last update here I did not expect it
                            to be ready but there you are, its all spanking new and ready for the WC !

This area with the hospitality tents has  a gate and is also guarded
but 4 French men walked past me into this area
They smiled at me I smiled back and followed them in :)

There is asphalt under my feet which was still a little sticky

One of the hospitality tents

                                 There was a security guard inside this tent as well They are not taking any chances....

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cape Town Stadium today, Work on the facade

These facade images are from May 8

This morning I woke at 6 AM by the rain, it rained so hard 
I thought I was on a ship enveloped by water and wind 

Its been terrible weather the whole day and as I am writing its lashing down again  

It looks like it is already badly in need of a lick of paint

This was today

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cape Town Stadium, on going hectic work on the facade and they were breaking up the Fritz Sonneberg Road again

Saturday afternoon May 8 5.30 PM

Guy's from the Congo... told me they are from Congo TV

If you like your photos
drop me a line and please do post me the link to your TV program

Terrible weather expected tomorrow :(

If you are still looking for accomodation during the World Cup