Thursday, May 13, 2010

Photos of Filia School’s Laduma concert: The last event before the stadium will be handed over (Tomorrow) to FIFA for the World Cup

On the left Guy Davies  the instigator of this event
Guy... Congratulations it was a pleasure to be there Really enjoyed every minute of it

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I will upload some videos of this event tomorrow it really brings it alive

The performers are the learners at Filia School about  200 children, some of whom have quite severe disabilitiesThey were performing their concert - called "Laduma".

'Laduma!' is the South African equivalent to 'Goal!' and literally means 'it thunders' in Zulu.
Read more about this event here

The seats were wet We have had so much rain these last few days
I advice you to bring a small towel if it rains or you will have a wet cold bum :)

See a video of a performance here


                                                                  Enjoyed his singing :)



It sounded great guys ! :)

Such a cuty :)
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It has been pouring for days until this morning ...We had a dry day today
but no sun until late afternoon

The VIP Area

If it had been a blue sky you would have seen Table Mountain from here

I was not supposed to be here ofcourse :) Fifa has closed off all the area's which they already control
 but then if I don't go to all these forbidden places how the heck can I show you what is going on ? 
Part of the stadium has been handed over already, the rest will be handed over in a couple of days

When I came home I saw allot of men on top of the roof
Not sure what they are doing though

BTW it was not my day Lots went wrong I will not bore you with all of it but
one of my lenses was playing up and even blogger is being obstinate tonight !


  1. Joanne, thank you, thank you thank you!!!

    Great day, only marred by the fact the media (in general) decided that this was not a newsworthy event!

    And I told you the rain would stop for us!!

    But I am sorry to hear that lots went wrong for you.

  2. Guy.. Congratulations it was a pleasure to be there Really enjoyed every minute of it You were right about the rain it was quite amazing its lashing down again today

  3. This is what I really hope Cape Town stadium becomes. More than just an icon. A venue well used for large and small events. A public space and not some elitest icon only for major companies. It must become a part of Cape Town and its people, not just a major events venue.