Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Photos of inside the finished large IRT Station on Main Road, Green point. Opposite the Cape Town Stadium

I was surprised to find it ready and locked up 2 security guards are on duty day and night 
They told me nobody is allowed in
 I smiled and the door magically opened :)

                                Since I saw it last time See the last update here I did not expect it
                            to be ready but there you are, its all spanking new and ready for the WC !

This area with the hospitality tents has  a gate and is also guarded
but 4 French men walked past me into this area
They smiled at me I smiled back and followed them in :)

There is asphalt under my feet which was still a little sticky

One of the hospitality tents

                                 There was a security guard inside this tent as well They are not taking any chances....


  1. And, I just found out today, that the new buses have arrived already; ahead of schedule. The IRT system is going to be fantastic and have a huge positive effect on the City.

    The sun WILL shine tomorrow; I have booked it.

  2. Ok Guy Thats good news !
    I mean the buses are :)
    I will see if your booking the sun went through... tomorrow :)

    PS Nice avator :)

  3. Glad to hear about the buses. Horrible branding.

  4. The IRT station looks very smart. Great to see the infrastructure is all coming together for Cape Town. How are the bridges on the Fan Walk coming along..?

    Only 23 days until I reach Cape Town... woot