Saturday, October 17, 2009

Green Point Stadium,Cape Town,South Africa,Fifa Soccer World Cup 2010, Day and evening photos on Oct 16 2009.

It is always a surprise to see a new strip of the PVC facade up

Un edited image at 3.30 PM

Note the new large water feature on the golf course

The old Green Point Stadium site

It is about 6.30 PM here

Friday, October 16, 2009

Latest images of the construction process of the new 2010 Soccer Stadium in Cape Town on October 15/2009

Its been torrential rain, storm force wind and some sunshine...  I felt sorry for the construction workers the few who still braved the elements

The lighting system is integrated in the inner ring of the clear glass roof edge, it contains lighting modules, sound system elements and  security control CCTV cameras. This is the so called "Ring of fire"

Thursday, October 15, 2009

2010 Green Point Stadium lit up at night and 4 strips of PVC on the East side

Click image to enlarge
There are 4 PVC Facade strips up on this (North East) side

NW side The side I can see from my house

NE side

You could argue that some photos are similar but I say to that :
"Sorry mate you obviously don't have the Green Point Stadium anorak yet :)"

Did I mention that I will throw a braai party (barbeque to the rest of the world ) on december 4th ?
It will be a true International gathering because my friends are from all over the world

The 4 th of December is  when the final draw takes place, it is on a friday and I know there are events organised at the stadium, I hope also fire works and no doubt all lights will be blazing.

 I really love the look here ..
Of course there are times I definitely don't like the look when its a grey day, the stadium really looks like cement, but I think we all agree on that has its moments though ....moments I love it to bits

 The posting sequence of these images are all wrong ofcourse ..but what the hell.. ..I like to show you this wondrous building and I know you are hungry for photos because I can see all the daily "regulars " hitting my blog, it is also my incentive to keep daily up dates
 I  appreciate it  if you left a comment with your thoughts ...what do you think of the stadium so far ? There is a facility right beneath this post to leave your comment

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Green Point and the Cape Town 2010 World Cup Soccer Stadium at night

Green Point, Cape Town from the top of Signal Hill

The new Granger Bay Boulevard is not quite ready yet but it is already blazing with lights
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On the right the new raised traffic circle with the pedestrian plaza beneath
and the building behind the stadium is the Radisson Blue Hotel with the Granger Bay marina

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Will the 2010 World Cup Green point Stadium be ready in time for the final draw ?

The promise was that it would be ready by early December There is still an awful lot to be done especially on the side I can't see from here and the facade does seem to go very slow,
 especially the first troublesome PVC strips took allot of time to sort out

Click images to en large
For a while I didn't see them working on the facade at night but they have started now

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday october 11 2009 World Cup Green Point Stadium images Another facade strip of PVC mesh is attached

Midday October 11
The 8th PVC facade strip on the West side is about to be put up

By mid afternoon the strip is up
Note the weather today.. it was warm but not very sunny

Its only 4.15 PM but it looks like its evening. The blue roof is the Table Bay Hotel in the V&A Waterfront
The first time I came to Cape Town I stayed in this hotel (Company paid ) and my corner room which was high up, was facing Signal Hill and my current house, I obviously then had no idea I would ever live here one day

6 o'clock
The sky has cleared up and I am debating if I should drive up closer or maybe go up Signal Hill but then nature decides for me.. it clouds over and turns grey again so instead I pour myself a glass of wine and shoot from the comfort of my home  :)

Click images to en large

And after sunset....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The new Green Point Soccer Stadium lit by the moon

Just before I crashed in bed it was very late like 1.30 AM and bitterly cold I saw this breath taking sight
of the moon above the stadium, the moonshine on the sea, the lights of the 2 cruise ships in the harbour
the colours of the lights and a clear crisp sky

This is what it looked like 2 month ago when the cranes were still lighting the stadium at night
and this is one from 6 month ago, in rolling fog