Sunday, October 11, 2009

The new Green Point Soccer Stadium lit by the moon

Just before I crashed in bed it was very late like 1.30 AM and bitterly cold I saw this breath taking sight
of the moon above the stadium, the moonshine on the sea, the lights of the 2 cruise ships in the harbour
the colours of the lights and a clear crisp sky

This is what it looked like 2 month ago when the cranes were still lighting the stadium at night
and this is one from 6 month ago, in rolling fog


  1. So you had a full moon and we had the most amazing half moon - I really do need to brush up on my astronomy skills :-).

  2. Helen He he don't be a pain in the neck I cant see the moon now to check but it was after a night out so its possible I saw double :)

  3. According to my sources at home the moon in the northern and southern hemispheres isn't the same....well it is the same but you know what I mean :-) So it may not have been the night out....but then again my sources have been known to be wrong.....;-)

  4. well that is a relief :)
    Helen it is about 11 PM and i just ran outside to see what the moon looks like but although there is hardly a cloud in the sky it is no where to be seen so i can still not tell you what it looks like now