Thursday, October 15, 2009

2010 Green Point Stadium lit up at night and 4 strips of PVC on the East side

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There are 4 PVC Facade strips up on this (North East) side

NW side The side I can see from my house

NE side

You could argue that some photos are similar but I say to that :
"Sorry mate you obviously don't have the Green Point Stadium anorak yet :)"

Did I mention that I will throw a braai party (barbeque to the rest of the world ) on december 4th ?
It will be a true International gathering because my friends are from all over the world

The 4 th of December is  when the final draw takes place, it is on a friday and I know there are events organised at the stadium, I hope also fire works and no doubt all lights will be blazing.

 I really love the look here ..
Of course there are times I definitely don't like the look when its a grey day, the stadium really looks like cement, but I think we all agree on that has its moments though ....moments I love it to bits

 The posting sequence of these images are all wrong ofcourse ..but what the hell.. ..I like to show you this wondrous building and I know you are hungry for photos because I can see all the daily "regulars " hitting my blog, it is also my incentive to keep daily up dates
 I  appreciate it  if you left a comment with your thoughts ...what do you think of the stadium so far ? There is a facility right beneath this post to leave your comment


  1. Evocative and homesickness-inducing. Keep up the great work.

  2. Dec 4th you say :-)
    Great pics as usual Joanne. Thanks.