Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday october 11 2009 World Cup Green Point Stadium images Another facade strip of PVC mesh is attached

Midday October 11
The 8th PVC facade strip on the West side is about to be put up

By mid afternoon the strip is up
Note the weather today.. it was warm but not very sunny

Its only 4.15 PM but it looks like its evening. The blue roof is the Table Bay Hotel in the V&A Waterfront
The first time I came to Cape Town I stayed in this hotel (Company paid ) and my corner room which was high up, was facing Signal Hill and my current house, I obviously then had no idea I would ever live here one day

6 o'clock
The sky has cleared up and I am debating if I should drive up closer or maybe go up Signal Hill but then nature decides for me.. it clouds over and turns grey again so instead I pour myself a glass of wine and shoot from the comfort of my home  :)

Click images to en large

And after sunset....

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