Saturday, June 6, 2009

A pre-view of the New Metropolitan Golf course in Cape Town 6/6/2009

I heard screeching brakes .....sirens blaring... a loudspeaker calling from afar
The next thing I knew, was police marching me off the golfcourse to their latest high tech prisoner van ...

Ok I had a nightmare ..this is what I feared... it didnt happen :) but I didn't linger too long to take these shots The whole golfcourse is now sealed off, even the former Metropolitan Golf Course is fenced off, you can only get in the parking lot now

The greyish mountain at the back is called Devils Peak then on the left of this photo you can see part of the City bowl district, the houses on the Hill are part of the suburb Upper Green Point The water in front is going to be part of the waterfeatures on the golfcourse

So here I was :) shooting left and right, seeing lots of water lots of birds, getting my shoes full of mud, my heart in my throat but it was worth it, the views are mind spinning !

After 5 days of heavy rain I woke up to a glorious blue sky and apparently it will be good for the next 5 days as well The new golf course has new drainage, which works a treat, only the very, very new grass sods (like a couple of days old )were a little spongy but there is still allot of ground which is just mud

On the left of this photo you see Signal Hill where I live, to the right is Lions Head and then the tall building is the infamous Ritz Hotel
At the top of Signal Hill you can just see some trees, thats where I often go to take the photos of the Green Point Common or Stadium like this

I have chosen about 12 photos from todays shoot which I will publish the coming days so don't go away, stay with me and uhh ..its allowed to say something :)
Congratulations to the Netherlands first Europeans to qualify for next years world cup
See you here next year !
PS Don't forget to click on the photos to see them large

Friday, June 5, 2009

IOL News used this "All rights reserved" 2010 Green Point Stadium photo without my permission, credit or payment

Click to enlarge

IOL news website published a Green Point Stadium photo of mine which they took from the Cape Town Tourism website which ran one of my photo essay's, it says clearly that the photo is by Joanne and is All rights Reserved Yet they used my photo without my permission or payment

1 of these 20 is the stolen image which my client paid for
and I send IOL an email on 30/5/2009 but got no reply from IOL whatsoever

Email copy:

I noticed you have used my Green Point Stadium photo without my permission, all my photos are "All Rights Reserved"
You took it from the CTT website which clearly mentions my name and website
I would like you to compensate me R 1000 for the use of the Green point Stadium photo without my permission


They should know better ok TIA.... :(... This is Africa but do you think I should let them get away with those kind of breaches of All rights reserved?

Anybody got suggestions as to what to do next ?

On a happier note
Welcome to my 8th follower Brian Brown :)
Now that I have a counter on my blog I know allot of people drop by each day and I am grateful and excited about that its my incentive to keep posting daily but so far only 8 people took the time to sign up up as "follower" even my bestest friends or family havent yet What a lazy bunch I have :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The 2010 Cape Town Soccer Stadium against a slate grey sky

Click image to enlarge
Well I did tell you that the stadium looks beautiful in any weather even today of all days with so much rain there was heavy flooding in Cape Town yet who could not love the look of this lady ?

The roof of the Cape Town stadium consists of a double layer of translucent white glass and the entire roof can flex in rough weather conditions its going to be partially closed but the spectator seating will be almost entirely covered

Madly and crazily in love with the new Cape Town Soccer stadium

I must be in love or mad or both I never tire looking at it or photographing it
Like the sea, this stadium never looks the same, it changes with the light and always looks beautifulIn my opinion the scenery and the stadium compliment eachother, many have likend it to a ship, with its sweeping wavy roof I guess it could indeed be mistaken for a ship from a distance
Not a mistake you would like to make then ...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Paragliding over the new Cape Town 2010 Soccer stadium

This was the 1 st of June a beautiful sunny day, the colours were so deep the sky so clear because we have had rain there was no dust in the air. I was out in my tiny garden watching my papayas and bananas grow :) when the para gliders came overhead They jump from Signal Hill its the hill I live on so they come right over my head I will do a tandem jump one of these days ... but not here in Cape Town maybe in Wilderness its cheaper there
Today is a different story..its raining cold and grey skies

Cruising through...

This huge cruise ship arrived and stopped just there for an hour or so waiting to be cleared by the harbour authorities, it meant I had an opportunity to shoot it, otherwise you would have just seen a streak of lights
Robben island, Nelson Mandela's prison for many years, set against a strinkingly beautiful evening sky

My God I love the song and the band so much !
"Cruising through" Goldfish

The link I put in was a live gig of Goldfish in Kirstenbosch Gardens I have been to several now and they are outstanding value for money what I especially like is that you can really get close to the podium, once I was so close I got a sweaty kiss from
Michael Buble :)!

This is a better version of "Cruising Through) Goldfish is a live electronic act from Cape Town, South Africa. The two members Dominic Peters and David Poole are jazz musicians who met while studying music at university. They recorded their first album ‘’Caught in the loop’’ themselves with little more than a double bass, a saxophone and a couple of synths. Since then they have got a cult following and numerous hits in South Africa they are known as the ‘Fishies’ to their fans.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Whales Rescue Attempts on Long Beach and Kommetjie beach were to no avail

Groups of rescuers made desperate attempts to push the creatures back to sea. Hundreds of volunteers tried to help them but, it was all in vain, with most of the false killer whales re-beaching themselves and then slowly dying of organ failure

Rescue teams had contemplated taking the whales to a nearby naval base and transporting them on boats to the deep sea, but the idea was abandoned because the animals' condition deteriorated rapidly.

So the most humane option to end their suffering was to shoot them Many of the False Killer whales turned out to be pregant females and calves, some of the whales bodies will be taken for research since its still not completely understood why they beach them selves en masse

To me this was the most poignant sight of the 2 hours I spend on this scene of destruction,
to see these young people sitting in freezing cold water with a helpless whale hoping against hope that they could rescue it

Some of the beached Whales Kommetjie Photos were published yesterday on the Cape Town Tourism website The best IMO if you are planning a holiday in Cape Town