Saturday, June 6, 2009

A pre-view of the New Metropolitan Golf course in Cape Town 6/6/2009

I heard screeching brakes .....sirens blaring... a loudspeaker calling from afar
The next thing I knew, was police marching me off the golfcourse to their latest high tech prisoner van ...

Ok I had a nightmare ..this is what I feared... it didnt happen :) but I didn't linger too long to take these shots The whole golfcourse is now sealed off, even the former Metropolitan Golf Course is fenced off, you can only get in the parking lot now

The greyish mountain at the back is called Devils Peak then on the left of this photo you can see part of the City bowl district, the houses on the Hill are part of the suburb Upper Green Point The water in front is going to be part of the waterfeatures on the golfcourse

So here I was :) shooting left and right, seeing lots of water lots of birds, getting my shoes full of mud, my heart in my throat but it was worth it, the views are mind spinning !

After 5 days of heavy rain I woke up to a glorious blue sky and apparently it will be good for the next 5 days as well The new golf course has new drainage, which works a treat, only the very, very new grass sods (like a couple of days old )were a little spongy but there is still allot of ground which is just mud

On the left of this photo you see Signal Hill where I live, to the right is Lions Head and then the tall building is the infamous Ritz Hotel
At the top of Signal Hill you can just see some trees, thats where I often go to take the photos of the Green Point Common or Stadium like this

I have chosen about 12 photos from todays shoot which I will publish the coming days so don't go away, stay with me and uhh ..its allowed to say something :)
Congratulations to the Netherlands first Europeans to qualify for next years world cup
See you here next year !
PS Don't forget to click on the photos to see them large


  1. Great photos, thanks for sharing!

    Why did you think the cops were going to arrest you for taking pictures?!

    And the big question - will you be attending any World Cup matches, seeing as the stadium is right on your doorstep?

  2. Thanks Ali First of all I read quite a bit of your blog maybe half a year ago ? Great info on your blog I was so impressed I didnt think I could do a blog he he and look at me now :)

    I was trespassing went through a fence which should have kept me out :)

    The big one is :
    No :)
    I am in love with this stadium but not with football but ofcourse I will watch it all through my binoculours and take photos !!! :)

  3. I am so new to blogging I havent even figured out how to edit my mistakes in my own comment ;(