Friday, June 5, 2009

IOL News used this "All rights reserved" 2010 Green Point Stadium photo without my permission, credit or payment

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IOL news website published a Green Point Stadium photo of mine which they took from the Cape Town Tourism website which ran one of my photo essay's, it says clearly that the photo is by Joanne and is All rights Reserved Yet they used my photo without my permission or payment

1 of these 20 is the stolen image which my client paid for
and I send IOL an email on 30/5/2009 but got no reply from IOL whatsoever

Email copy:

I noticed you have used my Green Point Stadium photo without my permission, all my photos are "All Rights Reserved"
You took it from the CTT website which clearly mentions my name and website
I would like you to compensate me R 1000 for the use of the Green point Stadium photo without my permission


They should know better ok TIA.... :(... This is Africa but do you think I should let them get away with those kind of breaches of All rights reserved?

Anybody got suggestions as to what to do next ?

On a happier note
Welcome to my 8th follower Brian Brown :)
Now that I have a counter on my blog I know allot of people drop by each day and I am grateful and excited about that its my incentive to keep posting daily but so far only 8 people took the time to sign up up as "follower" even my bestest friends or family havent yet What a lazy bunch I have :)


  1. Joanne, have you heard anything from IOL yet?

  2. Hi Helen No I haven't they haven't even acknowledged my email I am going to send another 1 Monday so it doesnt get stacked at the bottom