Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cruising through...

This huge cruise ship arrived and stopped just there for an hour or so waiting to be cleared by the harbour authorities, it meant I had an opportunity to shoot it, otherwise you would have just seen a streak of lights
Robben island, Nelson Mandela's prison for many years, set against a strinkingly beautiful evening sky

My God I love the song and the band so much !
"Cruising through" Goldfish

The link I put in was a live gig of Goldfish in Kirstenbosch Gardens I have been to several now and they are outstanding value for money what I especially like is that you can really get close to the podium, once I was so close I got a sweaty kiss from
Michael Buble :)!

This is a better version of "Cruising Through) Goldfish is a live electronic act from Cape Town, South Africa. The two members Dominic Peters and David Poole are jazz musicians who met while studying music at university. They recorded their first album ‘’Caught in the loop’’ themselves with little more than a double bass, a saxophone and a couple of synths. Since then they have got a cult following and numerous hits in South Africa they are known as the ‘Fishies’ to their fans.


  1. Another beautiful sunset Joanne. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. and thank you for leaving your comment Helen
    Its not so nice here now...We are being buried by an heavenly ocean at the moment :)its hosing down..