Monday, July 20, 2009

View from the new Green Point Common and Golf Course

I had seen lorries with trees being ferried around this last week and I was also amazed to see that they are using Butyl lining for the water features so I wanted to check that out and found a gap in the fence , I walked around the new Golfcourse until well after dark which was a mistake since it was hard to find my way back to the gap with all the mud and the huge waterfeatures blocking my way I should have brought a flash light
Thankfully Hamilton's (Football club) lights were on

I took photos of the waterfeatures and the stadium ofcourse More of that tomorrow
Signal Hill on the left, thats where I live and Lions Head on the right I have to mention the weather again, it was a hot 25° !


  1. And not a cloud in the sky - I think you might have our summer! Thanks for the first photos taken from the opposite direction :)

  2. The weather has been incredible but there is 30% chance of rain tomorrow I am missing the clouds they make better photos :)

  3. Joanne your photos are always a treat but they make the longing for home greater. i'm in the city on the 4th of August I sure hope you save some of that nice weather for then. Awesum work as always!!

  4. Thank you so much I love getting comments I am smiling from ear to ear now but hey who cares about the weather just being home must be great !