About me

If you are really curious about me :) you can click this photo to see it larger
 Although I am not in favour of posting my own pictures 
I have gathered a few which should satisfy the curiosity of some of my blog viewers

I am absolutely hooked on my camera
It goes everywhere with me
when I leave the house any time of the day or night, no matter where I go .. I have with me , apart from my hand bag,
a camera bag with my Canon 450D and 3 lenses + one tripod
All that goes in the car and  if for example I go to the movies, I leave all the stuff in my car but put the camera  in my hand bag Yes it is that bad ! :)

When I got my first point and shoot camera 4 years ago I was very self conscious about taking photos
but nowadays I do not care what I look like or what people think
see above photo where I am lying close to the water trying to get an artistic shot :)
Most times I am so absorbed in the subject I even forget the time

How did the Stadium blog happen ?

It was when I moved to this home on  Signal  hill where I can see the stadium from that it all started It was weeks before the old stadium was demolished and I took some shots of it just for the hell of it
I posted them on Flickr and got interested in the history and the debate about the new stadium
I was not against nor for the new stadium I did doubt it would look good though
but kept an open mind

Will be continued when I have more time