Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oh its crying time .....Cape Town Stadium.... I'm gonna leave you.....

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If  you have enjoyed my daily photo updates I would love to hear it but now I need to take a break from blogging ...

I wish you all an awesome time in South Africa. I know you will love every minute of it but please stay safe and well, always keep your wits about when you are outside
 Remember I have been recording and taking photos of Green Point and surroundings for over a year and almost always wandering around on my own , even after dark, so don't be paranoid, just always be aware of your surroundings and what is going on and don't do silly things

I have met many nice people on my hunt for photos,who would engage me in conversation, curious at what I was doing ..often wanting me to take their photo, only very occasionally did I need to run for my car
And please drop me a line when you are back home, to tell me how your trip was, I would really love to hear your stories and I will of course always reply


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  1. i cant believe it! thank you so much joanne for all your pictures. i left cape town nearly 3 years ago and have followed the progress of this beautiful stadium with you every step of the way. thank you for showing cape town in a positive light and thank you for all your pictures. im gonna miss this blog :(

  2. Thanks for all the updates in the past year, it has help keep my excitement in check. Only a couple of days and we will arrive in Cape Town to start our Worlkd Cup trip.

    Thanks again


  3. Sean and Steve and the others who emailed me recently and over time.. Its been a pleasure Do me a favour :) and write me when you are back home to let me know what your impression of the stadium and whole event was and if all went without mishaps

  4. I'm gonna miss this Joanne, but then you already know that. Thanks x.


  6. Joanne - I am finally back in NZ after a great World Cup 2010 trip to Africa. We had an awesome time everywhere we went in South Africa, not even a hint of danger or trouble, don't know what all the fuss was about.

    We had a great time in Cape Town, a very cool and relaxed city that I would love to visit again sometime. I posted a few blog entries for our time in CT, (starting at, which should give you a flavour of how much we enjoyed it.

    Thanks again for your blog Joanne, I'm gonna miss watching the day-by-day stadium building progress. Have you considered just doing a general CT blog, showing what new and happening in your beautiful city. I would read it...!!

    All the best - SteveG

  7. Would you Steve ? :) Maybe I will start one ...I will think about it I am back 1 week now and havent really felt the urge to pick up my camera again but maybe I will tomorrow... just to show you what the Green Point Common looks like now and the stadium ofcourse .. I shall have a lok at your blog right now and thanks for stopping by

    oh and ofcourse I knew you would enjoy CT I have lived and traveled all over the world but I can not think of a place I would rather be then in Cape Town and in particular high up Signal Hill :)

  8. Joanne.
    Now I know that your are back in Capetown.
    I hope you will start a new blogg.
    Best regards
    Karin and Lennart.Västra Sörby Sweden

  9. Thank You Karin and lennart but I havent felt the urge yet :) Its lovely to live without the pressure of producing new photos every day but if I do start a new blog ..and you are not the first ones who have asked this :) I will announce it here I will write you soon x

  10. thank you so much joanne for all your pictures. this a beautiful stadium . i like it..Thank you for sharing it.