Saturday, September 26, 2009

2010 Green Point Soccer Stadium in Cape Town as seen from the sea

No apologies for this cheesy image
 I enjoyed creating it :)
 This is of course the view I had from the Tigresse

Leaving the V&A Waterfront with Green Point on Signal Hill in the back ground

The stadium does look big here, compared to the apartment buildings, it wasn't a spectacular sunset but just pleasant and motoring quietly along Green Point and Sea Point on a calm sea, was so lovely.

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  1. These photos almost make me want to take a shrimp lunch boat trip in the Stockholm inner archipelgo and send you the photos. Might do that when the weather is good one day...

  2. Yes do that, I recently saw a video on CNN "My city" it featured Stockholm I never realised there was so much water and its very beautiful Now I might even visit my friends who have been nagging me for so long to come :)