Friday, September 25, 2009

World Cup Soccer 2010 Green Point Stadium wrapped in mesh liner sheets

Well I must say it gets more interesting by the day there are 2 white sheets hanging in the front as well as 5 long strips of the PTFE mesh membrane on the left

I drove to the Hamiltons Rugby club to have a closer look but it started raining, so no shots from there...well the first 3 strips they put up already look tatty and dirty, the 2 newer strips look lighter and cleaner, then the 2 half sheets in the front .. they remind me of bed sheets, I dont understand why they are so much lighter then the rest ?


  1. If you take a closer look you will notice that the 'lighter' sheets are not actually attached to the facade frame. Instead they are wrapper over the inner office structures or maybe a staircase.

  2. this stadium is really beginning to confuse me since the facade had started installation.

  3. Yep R ...It looks like they are hiding or protecting something bad weather expected tomorrow doesnt look like the other mesh membrane thats for sure
    Josh not so much confusing but its rather disappointing me I wish we could keep the stadium as it is I prefer it without the facade