Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Green Point Stadium is still having trouble with the first strip of PTFE membrane

Today I received my new camera Canon SX20 IS Superzoom !
Unfortunately by the time I was ready to shoot the storm force wind was kicking up a hell of a dust cloud  and the sun had almost gone
Because the dust was so bad I had to stay at a respectful distance from the stadium I must say I am pleased with the zoom on this camera

Click images to see large
These were taken with 2 different cameras 2 days apart


  1. Even my untrained eye can see the difference so it must be good :-) Congratulations on your new camera!

  2. Thank you Helen A new camera is always a compromise unfortunately..The Canon Powershot 5S IS, still is my all time favourite But its broken :( Just heard to get it repaired it would cost half the amount I just paid for this new cam I might still do that though...