Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Captured ! Ultra wide (Canon 10-20mm) World Cup Cape Town Stadium + Green Point Urban park aerial updates

So I swapped the Sigma for the Canon lens and as I arrived home it started raining..
 it looked so grey and dismal
by 7 pm there was a storm blowing as well and I thought what the heck
 I just drive up close and take a few shots
I managed to take these 2 and about 6 landscape shots
The landscape shots were duly binned..
but this is what I will improve on in future
I am not happy with the composition of these shots
due to trees being in the way and the strong wind (dust storm)
limiting my access to the stadium but they are sharp
so I am happy now

Extra Large image
South Entrance
Granger Bay Boulevard

An excellent website :

A MUST read for the owners of the

Three Anchor bay

New Green Point urban park in the making
Full speed ahead ...

Urban Park lake construction

They have been working on this for ages
they had to put in extra drainage since the ground was allot wetter then they anticipated
Not sure what the black stuff is... I will get close soon and find out
The pile of soil in the old stadium never seems to deminish ..
yet they are forever digging in it and moving it around


  1. Thanks Ol
    I thought the first one was... composition wise... better, but the extra large one has more umph PaH paH ! :)