Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cape Town Stadium the closest I can get without jumping right in

I wonder what the view is like from those seats near the "port holes"
or whatever you call those openings to the outside, it must be amazing

Click on images to see large version
BTW the green lights in the foreground are really that green
and the reason the roof is not blue like here
is that only the inside lights were on and not the 350 spotlights in the roof which make up the "Ring of fire "

You have no idea how annoyed I get when the photo is blown out like here ..
so anyway the well lit :) white road is the new Granger Bay Boulevard which gives access to the stadium
that is where I stood when I took these shots (the last 2 images)

And this is a close up of the V&A Waterfront
it is very busy now with  tourists from other parts of South Africa and abroad
Note the Aqua Festival sign, you can see the seating area and the floating platform

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