Friday, March 5, 2010

An evening drive by our new Cape Town Stadium has become quite popular

Two of my blogposts featured on ZIMBIO an interactive magazine which has 20 Million readers a Month.
Jeez if so many people look at my posts I better watch what I write and check my spelling more often :)
 See them  Here and Here

Btw about the above photo :
 This is the original straight from the camera un-edited :

Click images to see large
At first glance you might think I did not get the horizon right here but I have a tripod with a spirit level
and I checked the image its level The stadium podium is tilted
I assume the reason has to do with  it having been build on hard rock

I came home at 7 pm and had no images for my blog
which is not that unusual..but I am never worried since they always somehow materialise :)
just as they did tonight

while I was eating dinner outside on the terrace at sunset
I saw the lights come on in the stadium and I never know 
 how many and which lights will be switched on
and then...OMG the "Ring of fire" was switched on too !
I hastily finished dinner and jumped in my car :)
Yes :( I admit ...sadly I have become a true stadium anorak
yet if you see me, you would never guess lol !
BTW as I write this and look outside ..
there is such a heavy fog outside, I cant see past the terrace

Main Entrance Fritz Sonnenberg road
The ring of fire was on for about an hour
I got some shots
will post them tomorrow though

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