Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Walk past the Cape Town Stadium

These sign posts are new


  1. You should be seeing lots of new signs and fantastic tactile maps going in all around tee precinct over the next few days.

    We are busy arranging a school concert in the stadium, to be performed by Filia special needs school, from Goodwood. It should be a very special event; would you like to come and take some photos of the children? It will be a midweek event.

  2. Thanks Guy I would like to come
    Drop me a line with the particulars once you got it finalised

  3. isn't there work to be done, where is everyone?

  4. They are not hiding...
    its my camera ... it has an aversion to people :(

    Guy you are warned ! You might find that there are many stadium pix and no Filia school kids in the photos when I come and photograph

  5. Haha!!! No chance of that! We invited Filia school to the first event at the stadium, and I was checking on accessibility. I watched as one young boy got so excited about watching the football match he nearly threw himself out of his wheelchair. When I met with the school afterwards I explained that seeing that sight made my input worthwhile... Then I was given the rest of the story; he was excited not only because it was the very first football match he had been able to attend...but also because it was the first major public event he had ever attended. He could not eat, through excitement for 2 days before the event, and a week later, that was the only subject he could talk about!!

    These kids are so photogenic, you would not believe!!

    Soon there will be new "bandages" at the bottom of the signposts, with tactile signs placed on them, to enable people with visual impairments to find their way around the precinct too...

  6. Argh ! Well I hope I will not get too emotional and can see them through my lens since now my eyes are all tearful :)Must have been so nice to see Guy :

  7. It was more than nice to see; it made my input these last 2 years worthwhile. Just that boy alone was enough...