Wednesday, December 9, 2009

World Cup 2010 Cape Town Stadium Dec 8, the facade is now complete and the Urban Park

All done !

At Dec 8 around 8 AM it was done ... all the PVC Facade sheets are now attached
ofcourse there is still allot of stretching and tuning to do

An hour later ..Note the new belt of trees on the left in the "Urban Park"
They still have allot of growing to do !

Click images to see large

The Green Point Common images are a  special request
 from my avid blog follower in Madeira 
who used to live along the Beach Road until mid 2008
Allot has changed since then ...

The way it is 2009

The way it was in 2007

Quite gorgeous really...if the facade sheets would be only be clean....
 It rained yesterday
but it didn't clean the sheets unfortunately

I went up Signal Hill today
They were testing the sound system I could hear it at the top of the hill !
It was awesome !
Pretty peed off since I didnt have my other camera with me with the video or I would have video-ed it !

The image bove shows the
Royal Cape Yacht Club, bottom right

Urban Park taking shape..

Ok I shall save some images I took from the top of Signal Hill
 for tomorrow's post

And at t 8.15 PP suddenly all the lights went out ..this has happened  before and I read it costs an awful amount of money to switch them all on again...
Here they had just switched them on again

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