Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cape Town Stadium and the Green Point Stadium bathed in a setting sun !

Just as the name Cape Town Stadium has started to become part of the lingua franca for locals, Fifa has revived the name Green Point Stadium by printing it, instead of the new name, on all match tickets.

Thousands of tickets with what appeared to be a misprint were sold last week in over-the-counter sales at Fifa ticket offices around the country.
Included with the ticket was a booklet that also referred to the stadium as Green Point Stadium.

The name was approved and changed by the City of Cape Town in September.
Local Organising Committee chief of communications Rich Mkhondo said today the name was not a misprint.

He said the Green Point name had been loaded on to the ticket sales system before the stadium was renamed.

"Although it may appear to be a misprint, it is not. At the time the stadium's information was loaded up, it still reflected the old name. But in accordance to Fifa policy, the name was changed to reflect its city. The ticket simply displays the old name and is not a concern."

Richard Saddington, from Milnerton, purchased a ticket for the preliminary Cape Town games on Friday. When he inspected it more carefully yesterday, he discovered what he thought was a misprint.

"This is both shockingly funny and horrible at the same time. Locals won't have any problem with it but tourists who don't know Cape Town might think we have two World Cup match venues.
I honestly think they should have done better."

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