Friday, April 30, 2010

South African security forces showed the world they are ready to combat any crime, from petty crime, to the most serious al-Qaida-linked threats against the World Cup

How South Africa showed off its security muscle for the 2010 World Cup on Thursday to convince skeptics the first tournament in Africa will be safe and secure.

The daylong exercise included helicopters flying overhead and special task force members abseiling from the roof of the new Greenpoint Stadium.

Hostage negotiators, bomb disposal experts, the diving unit, specialists from forensic laboratories as well as air force and navy members were just part of Thursday's participants.
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 as sunset falls over Green Point , Cape Town, SA 

The last stragglers leaving the building ..The government event started in the morning I heard singing and speeches and everybody was handed out a white goody bag
but these 2 guys got hold of a few

Shocking cost of lighting up Cape Town  stadium
 I just took this shot now
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