Thursday, April 8, 2010

Photo update on R54-million Green Point Urban Park and Cape Town Stadium.

Said to be completed in time for World Bio diversity Day on May 22

The park, which is shaped like a triangle with a "leg" abutting one corner, is accessible from four gates.

It is surrounded by a cycle track and a pedestrian walkway, with one path cutting straight from Western Boulevard on to the promenade, with the Mouille Point lighthouse the focus for most of the way and the Metropolitan golf course on the right
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A section of the Green Point Park  is earmarked for the development of a biodiversity showcase garden of indigenous, water-wise plants that display the region s biodiversity, and demonstrateresponsible environmental gardening/horticultural practices.

There will be an ECO center, The following will be associated with the ECO Centre

¥ A worm farm
¥ The biodiversity showcase garden
¥ Organic vegetable gardens and vegetable allotments

¥ Play areas for young people
¥ A public art pavilion and outdoor art
¥ A recycling drop-off centre and demonstration area
¥ A bicycle rental facility

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A grey grey day No sun as far as I can remember

• SAIL Stadefrance (stadium operator) is the leaseholder of the stadium and Green Point Park (GPP) and acts as an agent for the management and operation of these metropolitan amenities.

• The Operator is to pay a nominal rental of R100 during the lease period. In addition to the rental, the operator is obliged to maintain the leased area, including structures in “clean, tidy and sanitary condition”, take responsibility for providing security and for payment of all utility service charges.

• The public park will be open from sunrise to sunset every day of the year except when there is an event. No fee will be charged for the use of the public facility. It is envisaged that a fee will be charged for special events within the park.

We could do with some decent rain but only had drizzle this morning
which probably made things worst

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