Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cape Town World Cup Stadium getting ready for the last big Test event

                                         The "Ring of Fire" was on  for just one hour

Cape Town Stadium will host a final test event for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, when four national under-20 teams take part in the Cape Town International Challenge on April 10.

South Africa’s upcoming stars will take on their Nigerian counterparts at 1630 hours and current under-20 world champions, Ghana, will play ten-time champions, Brazil, at 1900 hours.

Of the eight games scheduled to take place at Cape Town Stadium during the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, seven are at night.

and as I was shooting here, they started to switch off the lights
inside as well and each time more lights went off,  there was a loud exclamation from me
Ah shame !

Can you see the work men on the bottom right ?
The stadium is still being worked on day and night

 I hope some one pointed out the missing edge light ..
They never seem to get it right I have never seen them on all at the same time

                                This is when I had just arrived at this spot and all the lights were still on
                                The above photos are all from a different angle ofcourse

Just before 7 PM
It had been a grey blah day and I wasn't going out
 until I glanced outside and saw the lights were on !


7.20 PM last shot before I go on my shoot
 by 8 PM the lights were mostly switched off
and I went home for a bite to eat