Friday, April 9, 2010

Rare night view Photos of CT Stadium "Ring of Fire", from Kings Block House high on Devils Peak

                                                  Click to see very large image
Few people will ever see this view for real
what is so special is that the stadium's "Ring of Fire" was switched on for just 1 hour

Chris who took these 2  fantastic shots, by balancing his Canon Power Shot G9 on a rock ,
 at the Kings Block House on Devil's Peak was on a hike when he noticed the lights
 He  is a member of 
and is trained to be on the mountain at night
A bit like a mountain goat and unbelievably fit
he treats Table Mountain like his back yard !

                                              He took them for me to show you all
I promised him my Point and Shoot Gorilla Pod so next time he can take even sharper shots  
he told me he is sometimes on top of Table Mountain at midnight
and the views and atmosphere is just out of this world

Just stunning !
The stadium is still oozing light though

Named after George III of Great Britain, high on the Eastern flank of Table Mountain is the highest of a series of Block Houses built by the British in 1796. Kings block house was placed there as from that point it was possible to see False Bay on the Eastern side of the Cape Peninsula and from there it was possible to signal via the other blockhouses to Cape Town's Castle warning them of approaching ships entering False Bay. Kings Block House remains intact but in poor condition but it could be restored to its former condition given the necessary funding and effort.

I was out as well this evening to capture all the lights on, but will show you my scoop tomorrow

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