Friday, January 8, 2010

Work on the facade of the Cape town Stadium . January 7 2010

They were busy working on the facade with up to 7 cherry pickers
but no work on the 2 gaps

Camps Bay from Glen beach

I was in Camps Bay earlier this evening
 unfortunately there was a sea mist all along the coast but still very beautiful and warm


  1. The holes are for the temporary seating so there is no actual work on the facade...nothing is wrong Joanne.
    Thanks for the great job you have been doing...keep it up

  2. Yip, no reason for any excitement.

    Although, I would go there and personally clean the facade.

  3. Thanks for the explanation Andrew :)
    but there is another hole on the other side why do they need two holes ?

    He he Mo I am easily excited I am a female you know :) I feel the same about the facade ..its a shame my garden hose doesnt reach that far...