Saturday, January 9, 2010

A sight for sore eyes ! Cape Town Stadium and the cloth on Table Mountain during sunset !

No better and no more beautiful place than Cape Town !

Why is it... that when guys see me shooting  they always feel the need to jump in front of my camera and clown around posing while I have never seen a girl do this !
I have quite a few pix of these clowns :) maybe I should start posting them !

Do click this and see it large ...
I learned from flickr that people tastes differ wildly
For example I know that some of you will find there are too many cars in this shot
 but I actually like it and besides there was not much option to leave them out
the only other option was the shot example above this one

Yep I was at the Radisson Hotel  again
 it was packed ofcourse its the place to watch the sunset and eachother :)

and to Daniel who asked me if I have any shots of the "closed roof"
The roof is open in the middle it means that the players will get a shower if it rains
You see ...
 We have thought of everything :)

Size image : Extra Large

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