Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Testing the roof "Ring of fire" of the 2010 World Cup Green Point Stadium in Cape Town

The lights were switched on for the first time tonight It is extremely bright
not easy to capture since the middlle part kept being blown out whatever setting I used

A close up click images You can clearly see the seats

Click to read
An extract from the Green Point Stadium design report

Trying to avoid the flare of the light

Click images to enlarge

It is an amazing sight but there is allot of light polution which I thought that wouldn't be the case but then they are not finnished yet

The view to the West last night

Footnote on Oct 21
I am sure allot of Green Point people didn't realise the lights were on

I drove past the back (Atlantic side) at 9 PM and saw nothing out of the ordinary
when I drove up to my house I almost died at seeing the sight of the all lit up stadium
at first I immediately stopped my car to start shooting ... my cam and my tripod are always with me ..
I was so afraid they would switch them off before I was able to capture it :) but for safety reasons I drove home and although
I had not had dinner yet either I dropped everything and started shooting

Of course it then takes a few hours to choose and edit the photos
by the time I went to bed it was well after midnight but the lights were still blazing
When I closed the curtains I saw smoke coming off the roof and thought; OMG its not on fire ?

So again I whipped out my camera to shoot but that was all..... just clouds of smoke from time to time, no flames.Haven't seen or edited those images yet

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