Friday, October 23, 2009

World Cup 2010 Green Point Stadium Flood lights switched on October 22

Scroll down and see how the evening progresses...
Just before 7 oclock
After a hot windless day and a big fire in Milnerton, the air was thick and hazy with smog, as you can see it hanging around the hills in the far distance and so the sunset was a watery affair

The row of lights underneath the roof which had just been switched on

7.10 Pm Its the first time I see these lights on at the edge
as the evening progresses more and more of these edge lights are switched on and I am like a jack in the box
Jumping between my camera and my laptop
Each time when I look up from my editing, I see the stadium and they keep switching on and off different lights which I then try and capture
There were many tourist boats staying close to see the lights
The Catamaran is the Tigresse

7.20 PM

7.34 PM

The light changes fast and the stadium is looking beautiful

7.50 PM

8.01 PM

and then there are suddenly green lights too  at 8.02 PM

Blazing away

9.16 Notice the edge of the roof more and more lights are switched on

Its now past midnight and it still looks more or less like this
Goodnight from me in Cape Town


  1. Oh Joanne! Thank you for sharing such a spectacular event. I felt like I was sitting right there. I feel so proud to be a Capetonian and wish I could personally congratulate all those hard-working men and women who worked to complete such a beautiful piece of architecture. Steff

  2. I liked the "Oh Joanne !" :)
    I can hear you enjoyed the images
    Your comment is really appreciated Jeff it gives me the incentive to keep blogging