Saturday, October 24, 2009

New 2010 World Cup Green Point Stadium set a light on a misty night

Click images to enlarge
This was minutes a go
 Just after midnight.

It is a cold and misty night
so different from yesterday when it was a warm summers evening
It is a pity you cant see the real sight
The colours are incredible


  1. Nice, I like very much - now get rid of those watermarks!

  2. ...see the light all the way up here!

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  4. Joanne, I've been looking at the past few days' pics from afar and the stadium looks spectacular at night with all the lights. I can almost see them from here... :-)

  5. :) Ohjaygee I dont take orders !
    Not without a fight anyway ...

    Helen it is beautiful from here I hope they will shine often but right now they are not, only soem lights on inside the stadium