Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is was what the weather did in Cape Town today

It kicked up massive waves in the Atlantic Ocean, so I first headed to Camps Bay
He got soaked a little later, by a massive wave which caught me unaware too. Frankly he was foolish to stand there, if he had been swept away he would have been gone forever !
Sea Point. Looking upwards along the avenue, from the promenade towards Lion's Head

I then followed the coastal road back to SeaPoint.
This is the view along the promenade toward Three Anchor Bay and Green Point where the new 201 Green point Stadium is being build
The yellow cross on image shows where I was shooting from and
I walked from the parking bay across the road to shoot Lions Head
Sea Point with its olympic sized seawater swimming pool

Alongside the southernmost urban centre in Africa, separating city from ocean, lies an unusual strip of land. The Sea Point Promenade - and the public swimming pools at its centre - forms a space unlike any other in Cape Town. Right here, slightly away from the hustle and bustle of the business area, life is paraded, most unapologetically in all its forms… Over-made-up power-walkers, speed past homeless persons, kissing above the rocks and rent boys waiting for the next pick-up. Trendy teenagers eat ice creams, as elderly ladies parade dejected pet dogs on elastic leashes. Black, brown, white, young, old, locals, tourists, rich, poor, Jews, Muslims, Christians, stylish, tasteless – they are all here, arriving from apparently nowhere to join the ritual of walking a man-made path along the sea…

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