Monday, August 10, 2009

Why has SAIL/Stade de France not signed the 2010 Green Point Stadium operator contract yet ?

I wonder how many people realise that:
While the contract has not yet been signed, the preferred stadium operators are a consortium of Stade de France, which operates a successful stadium in Paris, and the South African sports marketing company SAIL.
Read it on the Green Point Visitor website

The naming rights were expected to be announced after negotiations with the preferred operator.
Naming Rights tender
More Operator information on the Website

The Green Point Visitor website would have updated the information, if the contract HAD been signed
I can't find any conformation on the Internet either, except for an article in Noseweek


  1. Its a negotiation process on the finer details of the lease, since the urban park contract is now separate from the stadium contract. The city has hired a specialist team to carry out the negotiations.

  2. in addition, they also have a team that has moved to Cape Town specifically for the stadium.

  3. The negotiations have taken a year now, I feel uneasy about this why is it taking so long, it would be disastrous to loose them as the operator

    Do you know if they have found an operator for the Urban Park its equally important or it will become a dump in no time I shudder to see something similar to how it was in Company Gardens a year ago

  4. The urban park and stadium operator is the same. It was just decided that it would be best if the contracts were separated since the lease of each space is very different in its nature.

    Negotiations are part and parcel of the process. The operator already has events lined up and exciting ventures planned but nothing can be revealed as the City of Cape Town remains the "spokesperson" for the stadium until the lease is signed.

    There are also complications due to the municipal finance management act which relates to the lease or sale of municipal assets. So its better to be safe.

    I wouldn't worry.
    The Stade de France technical manager will run the stadium up until and including the world cup to ensure operational excellence. This is separate from the post 2010 operation.