Saturday, August 15, 2009

2010 Green Point Stadium, Cape Town 85% complete

The fibre glass teflon cloth underneath the glass roof. The translucent roof is now in an advanced state and will be complete in Speptember, the fiber glass cloth allows natural lighting through and reduces reliance on artificial lights, it will also contain the noise

I especially like this image because of the men walking past the open "windows" this is how I see the stadium in the morning against the light and through the sea mist

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You can just see the top tier of light grey fixed seats
The fibreglass-like cloth membrane design is partly permeable. This “breathing” softer inner skin disperses sound waves and, since it is not a hard surface, absorbs sound into the body of the roof. The outer part of the roof is fixed glass, which provides a hard resonant surface which reflects sound waves back into the body of the roof. Through the sloping surface of the roof, sound waves are diffracted back against the soft inner skin membrane, where they are further dispersed.


  1. I know in the video they call it fibgreglass but I actually think the inner roof fabric is just a fabric mesh liner. The facade is the fibre glass teflon mesh membrane.

  2. Rashiq I have called it fabric mesh liner in my previous posts, but since Pieter Cronje the city of Cape Town 2010 spokes person calls it that, I just leave it in