Wednesday, March 31, 2010

70 Days to go to the biggest fight on earth ! See the Green Point updates here !

                                                      The Fritz Sonnenberg road
                                I drive by almost every day and love this road


An update about this area
 The stands will be refurbished and this old Green Point Stadium site
 will be rehabilitated to become the city's new athletics track, after the World Cup
During the World Cup the site will be used as a hospitality area
                               and will look much like a village of white "tents" they use for all the big events
                               like the last photo of this post
What a mess ..

                                                                   Yours truly..having fun !
                                                                    (taken with self timer)

I stopped off at the Lower Buitengracht to take a few shots of the new pedestrian bridge
which is part of the fan walk

Imagine walking over this bridge
to our stunning new Stadium
to the biggest show on earth
in one of the most beautiful places in the world
the exitement palpable all around...
Just 70 days to go !

Back home the sky soon turned a bright red
another stunning sunset in Cape Town
but I was starving and left the camera in the bag

As soon as the tented village for the Argus cycle tour was broken down they started building a brand new one It is for the Two Oceans Marathon a 56 km / 35 mile ultra marathon held annually in Cape Town, South Africa on the Saturday of the Easter weekend. Claimed to be "the world's most beautiful marathon", the race is run against a backdrop of spectacular scenery through the Cape Peninsula.

The race starts in Newlands, and follows a more or less circular route through Muizenberg, Fish Hoek, over Chapman's Peak and Constantia Nek, and eventually finishes at the University of Cape Town campus.

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