Monday, May 11, 2009

A boat trip around the harbour of Cape Town,South Africa

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The summer returned for the weekend and I decided to play the tourist for the afternoon sauntering around in the V&A Waterfront, taking a boat trip, nipping into an African art shop, licking an Haagen Dasz icecream while listening to a local band and paying tourist prices for a glass of wine and tapas with view toward the new stadium and the sunset over the Atlantic ocean Ah to be in Cape Town when summer is there !
A fishing boat is guided in to its berth
Arriving in Cape Town harbour
Cape Town set against the backdrop of Table Mountain
V&A Waterfront is a working harbour
Fishing boats at rest

A choice of charters :
AdventurerQuay 5Sea ChartersAtlantic AdventuresQuay 5Sea ChartersCondorQuay 5Sea ChartersDawnQuay 5Sea ChartersEsperance Sailing Charters Alfred Mall and PierheadSea ChartersFujicatQuay 5Sea ChartersJet BoatQuay 5Sea ChartersLa FamigliaQuay 5Sea ChartersLady JQuay 5Sea Charters
Chartes from the Waterfront click on the name :
MaharaniQuay 5Sea ChartersOcean Sailing AcademyWest QuaySea ChartersPrincess EmmaQuay 5Sea ChartersRobben Island FerriesClock TowerSea ChartersSea PrincessQuay 5Sea ChartersShosholozaQuay 5Sea ChartersSouthern CrossQuay 5Sea ChartersSpirit of VictoriaQuay 5Sea ChartersThe Sea HorseQuay 5Sea ChartersTigger 2 ChartersQuay 5Sea ChartersTigresse CatamaranQuay 5Sea ChartersWild ThingQuay 5Sea Charters


  1. I just love that seal, I want him on my desk at work. Great pic!

  2. Hello Helen in Sweden
    You may download for your desktop its here just for you :)
    BTW Seals are very common sight in the Cape town harbour but this one made me smile by the way he was lying there :)

  3. Absolutely perfect desktop background, and tons better than my boring old EPiServer work one - thank you! Keep up the good work, I'm already looking forward to the photos of the stadium opening ceremony, whenever that'll be. There must be fireworks planned for that one...