Thursday, May 14, 2009

The road up Signal Hill, Cape Town

I live on the Atlantic side of Signal Hill but the entrance to this road is from the city its only 10 minutes from my home then another 5 minutes to the top
I stopped along the way and turned back to take the Table Mountain with the cloud
few minutes later stopped again to take the road shot
Some people walk up but there are also hikers,cyclers and joggers some run with their dog
This is the top road I usually shoot from this bend in the road since you get the Green Point Common and stadium ,the Atlantic ocean with Robben island to the left then the whole city of Cape Town Devils Peak and Table Mountain on the right The scenery is so vast, there is no way one shot can take it all in I am used to it now but in the beginning I almost died with excitement The below shot is from April 2009
May 13 2009
They are working frantically on the roof as I am writing ...I see many more men then usually because there is severe weather forecast, its going to rain the whole weekend

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