Monday, August 31, 2009

Aerial view from Signal Hill to 2010 Stadium and Port of Cape Town, South Africa

West side of the Green Point stadium with the remains of the old stadium in the foreground

Port of Cape Town from Signal Hill August 30/2009


  1. whoa where is joanne today, it's not like her not to post?

  2. Huh ????? There is a photo for Sept 1
    You were a leetle too hasty and impatient Sir
    I dont usually post before midnight ..

  3. This photo of the port just reminded me that I recently dreamt (not sure if it was last night) that I flew into Cape Town and I loved the view from the plane. Sorry to have been away, if only I could work out how to send myself an e-mail every time you post so that I don't forget to look :-)

  4. he he lets hope your dream will come true soon I can asure you You will LOVE the veiw from the plane I have a photo here somewhere on my blog with the view from the plane
    and I missed you Helen I post every day so just look in once a day :)

  5. I have a plan.....change my start page to google so that when I get the train to work in the mornings, I can have a great start to the day by checking out your blog. :-)

  6. wow I am honoured to be part of your daily journey ! :)