Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dismantling of a Cape Town Stadium crane

Here goes the top of the crane ..just look closely at all the wires... all the men clinging to the facade structure, the men hanging along in a basket Click on bottom image for the best view Its incredible !
Watch the men on top of the crane and climbing inside the crane Absolutely fascinating to watch

Darn I shall miss this activity so much once its finnished but this evening when I came back from the movies I saw that there is allot to be done on the facade structure at the back of the stadium and I mean allot,it is not in anyway as advanced as this side


  1. Joanne, do you have any plans for the next photo project after the stadium?

  2. I dont know.. I like taking photos of the scenery around here too, but its very time consuming to post and to take photos every day
    I might instead do a photography course and spend more time on all the stuff I now have no time for :)