Saturday, November 28, 2009

Images of new 2010 World Cup Cape Town Stadium, Green Point, South Africa

Late Afternoon

The sea was like a mirror

19.25 Its a balmy evening and I am having dinner outside
Note that there are not many cranes
The helicopter is a military helicopter I am used to see countless helicopters every day but this one only appeared since yesterday and keeps circling around the stadium and Green Point Common



  1. Been following your blog now for a couple of months and felt it was time to drop you a note to say how much I enjoy each daily update. I will be coming to CT from New Zealand next june for the World Cup, and it's great to see how thing have been developing. Carry on the great work... :-)


  2. Well Steve I am ever so glad for your dropped note :) I wish more people would let me know a little about who they are etc, even though I see many many regulars logging in every day they seldom leave me a comment I must say having my email address on this site has helped a litle Some people have emailed me their appreciation Steve you must be so excited to come here next June :)
    well keep in touch !