Friday, November 27, 2009

Will the Cape town Stadium be ready for the Final Draw on Dec 4th ?

Well they are steaming ahead with the facade !

They might just clinch it by the skin of their teeth !

Steaming ahead Compare this to yesterdays shot !


  1. They don't need to be ready for the final draw. Handover is 14 December, and possibly later due to the ship that sunk, otherwise its still 14 December. The facade was meant to be completed early November though

  2. Is the sky really that blue and the grass really that green? Sigh :-)

  3. How very strange I had replied to this but there is no sign of it anymore ?!?

    Yes Helen The colours here are a amazing and the sky is soemthing else We have BIG blue skies here :)

    Mo all indications are that they are racing ahead to get all the strips up for the Final Draw.. it will just look better on tv and pix but that doesn't mean they will be finished fine tuning it That will take a while longer