Wednesday, November 4, 2009

World Cup Venue Green Point Stadium Officially renamed "Cape Town Stadium"

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What I read today :
  Table Mountain Aerial Cableway's renowned Summer Sunset Special starts on Sunday November 1, 2009 and runs until Sunday February 28, 2010. For four months visitors pay half price (R80) after 6pm to travel to the highest sundowner spot in the Mother City. "
and so I lost no time and here is my booty

BTW it is official now , the Cape Town City Council has approved 'Cape Town Stadium' as the official name for the city's 2010 World Cup facility .
More from my Table Mountain shoot tomorrow

Shot this at 6.20 PM from the cable car.
Sunset was 7.15

When I arrived at 15 to 6 (was stuck in traffic) there was a queue :(
I thought you could buy tickets before hand but no they weren't selling tickets until 6PM ! So I was not in the first car up  if you want to avoid that then come early so you are first in the queue

Green Point with the Ritz hotel on left and Robben Island
To give you a sense of how high this was

The road you see down there is the Road I drive up when I want to take shots from the top of Signal Hill
the top is onward to the right, but out of this shot

When it is time to catch the last car down, just before 8 PM  they sound a loud siren
 I was a little afraid I would miss it, since I get so engrossed in my photography :) but there was no chance to not hear that siren

When you get outside the cable car station, it is pitch dark, there are no street lights, not very safe, I was alone and had parked my car down the road a bit before I arrived at the station (it is always packed with cars)
 It was a little scary to walk there in pitch darkness and not many people around, thankfully the criminals were having dinner


  1. ...huh, "renamed" from what?

    and be careful - tafelberg road on which the cable car station is situated is not known as rapists-alley for nothing - it's a disgrace that they still haven't sorted out the lighting + security

  2. Great pictures are not worth the risk Joanne and I know you know that too.

    Crime in CT feels so far away from my sheltered world. I went for a walk this evening in the small Swedish village where I live and was thinking about CT while I put on my bright reflective vest over my duck down coat - it was cold :-) The only real risk that I run is being run over cos we don't have either pavements or bright street lights. Please be careful Joanne. Have a good evening and thanks for the great always.

  3. I am very careful Helen I am very conscious of my surroundings and take no chances
    but it came as a surprise
    to walk outside the cable car station and find it pitch dark As ohjay says Shame on the cable car company not to make their area saFer with at least some lights

    I am used to living or being in dangerous places I lived In Angola during civil war and was shot at and visited Ireland regularly and narrowly avoided being bombed a couple of times so CT is a relatively safe :)

  4. "relatively safe" - Compared to two near full-on war zones?

    That's why even though I love CT - Grew up there - I could never come back and expose my daughters to that danger.

    Take care and I agree 100% that the CC Company really needs to do something about parking and security at such a showpiece tourist destination.

  5. I don't blame you ...said it "tongue in cheek" ofcourse ... I understand your feelings, it is a sad fact that one has to watch one's back front side and top here ....litterally...

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