Thursday, December 3, 2009

Breathtaking view of WC 2010 Cape Town Stadium lit up under a full moon

Tonight a full moon lit up the scenery beautifully around the almost finnished Cape Town Stadium
Another strip of the facade was attached on this side of the stadium

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This is the awe inspiring view from the new-ish restaurant on the Delaire Graff Estate estate
which includes a hotel to be opened beginning 2010
owned by the British billionaire Laurence Graff of Graff Diamonds International

I was lucky to have been invited for a 3 course lunch and although I have been to quite some wine estates
this South African farm on the Helshoogte Pass outside Stellenbosch beats  all others on sheer luxury stunning architecture and art Thankfully I didnt have to foot the bill since the prices are steep


  1. So sometimes when I write and post a comment, it disappears, so I'll try again.....
    WOW, WOW and WOW! I looked at the full moon from my kitchen window last night and saw trees with crystalized was pretty magical. Great photos Joanne...again....and the wine estate looks wonderful, I can hear the surroundings through your photos :-). Thanks again and I feel a new screen desktop background coming on...

  2. Thanks for your patience Helen
    The blogger comments tool sucks :( I have had the same experience

    Well yes Wow :) it is every night a wow night when I look at the stadium all lit up but now with the full moon its wowowowow ! :)

    well you should have taken some pix of the branches and send it to me !!!