Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Water club Granger Bay, Night Shoot of the WC 2010 Cape Town Stadium

Wow what a nice evening it was
 I cant begin  tell you how much I enjoy being there surrounded by the incredible beauty of my surroundings
and that includes the stadium ...

Read here about the Waterclub and for rent in the Waterclub
here Its not cheap....

 During a calm spell.... at times the wind was quite strong yet warm
It really was a gorgeous balmy evening

The lights on Table Mountain were on till 9 PM

Click images to see large
This was actually the first shot of the evening

If you like to rent a place in the Water Club
here are :

I was amazed to see so many cranes
 Its absolutely hectic on the Atlantic side of the stadium

Ok I did check this image carefully but couldnt see anybody in a compromising position unfortunately :)
I must say that half of the time I couldnt see what I was shooting, with some strong lights practically blinding me and the rest in deep darkness


  1. Love the night pics Joanne, especially the one with TM in the background and the lights reflecting on the water. It sure makes for a spectacular view. Can't wait for the fireworks shots :-)
    Greetings from the 08.10 train, -8c this morning...brrrrr!

  2. Regards from sunny and warm Cape Town :)
    I am not sure there will be fire works helen but I hope so !