Monday, March 15, 2010

My photos of Cape Argus Cycle Tour on a sunny Sunday March 14 2010

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This happens to be my view from my bed
and when I was lazily sipping my coffee in bed I could see
 the first cyclists already returning from their 2 and half hour Cape Argus Pick and Pay Tour

 If I moved my bed to the opposite wall I would see the stadium ..
I did consider it :) but the electric points are a problem !

With 35 000 participants, the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour is the world’s largest cycle race
and there is always a good turn out of watchers and onlookers, clapping and shouting their admiration

 I was idly watching the world go by, while drying my hair
 and getting ready to go to the Jazz Buffet at the Winchester Mansions
at 11 AM, when
I suddenly realised that the second smaller lake was also being filled !
Wow I will have to go and check it out up close,
it looks terrific !

Winchester Mansions Hotel on the right
Guests who stay here are happy apparently
Read it here
This is Beach road, Sea Point one of the many roads which was closed to normal traffic due to the Cycle Tour

Jazz Buffet at the Winchester Mansions

after the brunch I was off to the Waterfront to buy new perfume
and wander around a bit

V&A Waterfront are the buildings on the left
You can just see the Stadium peeking out,
above the building on the right

Repair work being done to foreign fishing vessels
(Taiwan Japan)
Correct me if I am wrong but I believe this is called the Robinson Dry Dock
it is located within the boundaries of the V & A Waterfront 
I love the view of these ships You can even see them from town !

When I drive down from my shoot of the top of Signal Hill
you can see these ships from the Kloof Nek road
Quite amazing really
This yard has security ofcourse and is not open to the public
but a smile and a flutter of lashes opens most doors :)

I like to show you the photo of Majan A100
at 105 feet long she is one of the fastest elite offshore multi hulls in the world
Since I lived in Oman I was naturally interested to see her and the crew
but they were offbounds and  moored well away from the general public
I saw her many times sailing past from my house during her visit of Cape Town
 What a yacht !

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  1. Your pictures have amazing clarity