Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pipe Track Walk along Table Mountain with views over Camps Bay

Pipe Track Walk along Table Mountain starts off at the beginning of Tafelberg road

I like to do this easy track a couple of hours before sunset its very close to my home so I can decide to go at the last minute but I never go alone I do see people on their own but they are usually running with their dog
I like to bring my camera and tripod + a picnik so that I can shoot the sunset,its not a streneous walk but it is essential to time it properly, not to go too far at that time of the day

You need to be back at your car soon after sunset because its not safe or wise to be wandering there after dark You can just see Lions Head peeping over the top of the steps

I did see security people walking close to the beginning of the track which if anything is reassuring The views are absolutely out of this world as all the hikes and tracks on Table Mountain are
Camps bay

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  1. Opening them in full screen almost makes me feel like I am there, they are so alive.